What is BeYouology?

BeYouology is a place where you can visit and decompress while taking care of your mind, body and skin. Four years ago, we decided we wanted to open a spa that was different from all others. We wanted a much more private and home like environment. A place where our guests could ‘kick off their shoes’ have warm tea and surrender their mind leaving all stresses behind during their service. It was important to create a place where our guests felt safe and comfortable. What we have designed is a spa with a very holistic approach to skincare. We incorporate reiki and Ayurvedic methods of massage and healing into our services from the very beginning. The aromatic aromas of essential oils are present as soon as you walk in and are consistently utilized from the masks that are applied to the steam towels. We also offer our guests natural products that are all handmade such as soaps, body oils and mists to use at home to recreate a relaxing setting.

We are 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and gluten free.